Join us in growing the Manebí forest!

Summer lovers, let’s join together in celebration of World Environment Day

At Manebí, we’re constantly inspired by the beauty of the world, from those sweeping, white sand beaches to the bright lights of the world’s most exciting cities, we’re constantly in awe of this planet we call home.

That’s why for every Manebí purchase made on 5 June a cocoa tree will be planted in Cameroon in Africa. To do this we’re working in partnership with Treedom, the online service that allows you to plant a tree remotely and then follow its growth online.

Once your purchase has been made, you receive a code that allows you to stay in touch with your new tree. You’re sent pictures as it grows and later, receive an email every time an update about your tree is posted. And in other great news, not only are you helping the health of the environment, but by planting a tree you’re also making a vital contribution to the local workforce.

We’re calling on our incredible Manebí community to give back some love to the world. Let’s do this!

Let us celebrate World Environment Day together!

Every Manebí customer knows the world is a beautiful place. From city to beach, the planet gives us so much. So, why not give back to our home while shopping? For every Manebí purchase made on June 5th, with the help of Treedom, a cacao tree will be planted in Camerun, Africa! You will receive a code after your purchase is made, allowing you to stay in touch with your new tree. Pictures of your tree will be sent as it grows, contributing to the local workforce of the area and the natural beauties of the earth.

Treedom is the only online planting service that allows you to track the growth of your tree. An email will be sent every time an update of your tree is posted.