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Manebí by Cloe Cassandro - Indie Mini Dress - Silk - Blue Denim


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Manebí by Cloe Cassandro

Already beloved by Manebí’s customers that have been buying the brand at our stores for years, we are pleased to welcome a new co-designed collection Manebi by Cloe Cassandro with a deserving selection of 100% handmade dresses in batik silk.

Hand crafted, dyed and entirely printed in Bali using traditional and ancient batik techniques, each silk-chiffon is unique and artisanal. A belief that we value in a world where the emphasis is on “more products, faster”, instead of “buy now, wear forever”, that we care and take part of, wearing season to season, year to year and eventually inherit on to your children.

Indie Mini dress is a bold dash of colour, combined with a playful geometrical motif meant to be a versatile stand out piece.  

Made of 100% batik silk in an ultra-flattering shape featuring the right amount of charm on the back neckline and side slits, creating an elegant silhouette.        

Indie Mini dress is designed to be worn loose to ensure the best comfort. The light floaty silk is layered for an elegant effect.



Suitable for hand wash.
Model wears size II. Model’s height: 175cm / 5'9"
product code: CCISBKAF